Dulwich abstract oil painting
Dulwich Abstract Oil Painting Detail
Dulwich - Original Abstract Oil Painting

Dulwich - Original Abstract Oil Painting

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Dulwich - Original Oil Painting


  • Original Art
  • Size: 39.5" (h) x 39.5" (w)
  • Material: Canvas
  • Finish: Stretched / Unframed

Part of the communities series, this oil painting was created in 2019 when I moved to my new home in Dulwich. I remember the first time we drove through it on the way to my parents new place, it seemed so familiar - it felt like home. I grew up in Roehampton Village and whilst most people try to get away from their home towns, I always wanted to replicate the same childhood I had for my own children - but without going back to my first home.

The day I realised this was my destiny was when I drove up Court Lane one morning on the way to an appointment, the sat nav took me on a route that I had never seen before. It was a beautiful spring morning and I was mesmerised!

You know that feeling you get when you are completely present in the moment? that happened on this drive through Court Lane. I came home and told my other half that we were going to move houses! I felt a complete pull to the area, it felt like a step back in time - but in a good way. 

In the communities series, I use specific blocks of colour which I feel relate to that area / community. Texture and mood also play a part in how these are created. The vibrancy or darkness of the tones tell you how I feel, you will see that as we get away from the centre and on the edges, the tones are darker and less vibrant and the blocks are not quite perfect. I feel very blessed to be able to follow my heart and work towards my dreams. This painting is about the law of attraction, gratitude and consciousness.

*The proceeds from the sale of this piece which is the largest art work I have created to date will go towards the leasing of my first art studio*