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Mandarin Duck On Black - Original Oil Painting

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Mandarin Duck On Black - Original Oil Painting


  • Mandarin Duck On Black, 2020
  • Oil Painting
  • Size: 23" (h) x 35” (w)
  • Material: Canvas
  • Finish: Unframed / Un-stretched 


    An abstracted and distorted view of one of the most astonishing looking birds on the planet. The Mandarin Duck (male) displays an array of 9 colours beautiful colours whilst the female does not. Despite the destruction of its natural habitat, the Mandarin Duck has been able to thrive outside of their native ranges including England due to the love of their amazing colours, they were imported to the UK in the 1930’s, escaped from private grounds and began to breed. The UK is said to hold the second largest population of breeding pairs in the world. 

    I’ve chosen to distort the view of the bird to emphasise that we may look at the beauty of the nature around us as we visit local parks but do we really see them? 

    *The proceeds from the sale of this piece which is the largest art work I have created to date will go towards the leasing of my first art studio*