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Our Minds Know Nothing - Original Abstract Art & Prints

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Our Minds Know Nothing - Original Art Painting And Art Prints. 


    • Original Art or Open Edition Prints 
    • Size: 84.1 (h) x 59.4 (w) 
  • cm
  • Material: Ink and natural hand made paper 
  • Finish: Framed or Unframed


Made in flow state whilst listening to The Surrender Experiment audio book by Michael A Singer, I allowed myself to be fully immersed in this autobiographical account of his life’s journey into surrender. In the face of challenge and adversity, he just accepted what was being shown to him. The author allowed his life to lead the way. He Let go of his negative, self limiting thoughts and simply said yes. Whilst creating this series, I fully allowed it to “go it’s own way” I thought very little of the composition and how I personally felt about it. I surrendered to it and allowed it to just become.

Framed in a solid wood frame with non-reflective Acrylic.