Wildflowers painting original
Red Wildflowers - Original Abstract Art & Prints
floral art original painting

Red Wildflowers - Original Abstract Art & Prints

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Red Wildflowers - Original Art Painting


  • Original Art
  • Size: 84.1 (h) x 59.4 (w)  cm
  • Material: Ink and natural hand made paper 
  • Finish: Framed or Unframed


These wildflowers were created in full flow state during a period of grief. I can't quite explain them. They are perhaps the most surreal nature pieces I have made. I find them equally empowering and fascinating. Their long stalks are lofty as if they're pushing to the skies. I love the fact that wildflowers are a symbol of survival, unintentionally seeded but growing and blooming against the odds.