The Deals In The Dark - Original Oil Painting

The Deals In The Dark - Original Oil Painting

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The Deals In The Dark - Original Oil Painting


  • Large Mixed Media / Original Art 
  • Size: 39" (h) x 56" (w)
  • Material: Canvas
  • Finish: Unframed

Money is a human construct. Earth is a living, breathing entity of which we have the privilege to call home. Trading-in the most natural and beautiful place known to all life, that which gives us the ability to exist, in exchange for man-made constructs and goods will be humanity’s inevitable downfall. Like all other living beings, we have to try to survive, however we can only survive in harmony with all other entities on our planet. The obsessive desire for more has to stop or it will stop us. I hope this piece of work demonstrates how we as a collective, whether it be the corporations who strike unethical deals behind closed doors or the obsessive online shopper who buys unnecessary items late at night which is then shipped half way across the globe, that what we are actually doing is "consuming" the very place we all call home. The globe in this artwork is interchangeable with a manner of different concepts such as a mirror (a reflection of one's self) a soul, a heart or a human organ, a child or an adult man or woman (historic / modern slavery)...all to illustrate other contentious thought provoking subjects.