A Year Of Bold Storytelling...

Seascape Artist

Apparently the cut-off to wish everyone a Happy New Year was on the 5th of January. But I can't send my first newsletter of 2023 without wishing you a Happy, peaceful and love-filled New Year.

Last year I took part in 8 shows over 12 months, sold 67 works to you, one of 62 collectors and my work came to the attention of art critic Jerry Saltz. I'm grateful for every moment. Thank you for choosing to live with my work.

This year, I'm taking the first few months to really define my practice. There's a reason why consciousness plays a big part in the work I make and through the power of story-telling I hope to express that even further in my works going forward.

Some background; at the end of 2013 whilst trying to get home in the winter storms, I suffered a break to the top of my spine and a head trauma after a six foot piece of concrete render fell from a building and knocked me unconcious. Even though I was unconcious, I was still able to hear my thoughts, I told myself to stay calm and that everything was going to be ok. Whilst waiting for help, all I could do was recite the rosary, by the time I got to ten, people had crowded around me to help.

The accident forced me to stop everything and question my life. As soon as I was mobile again, I started to take long walks in my local parks. I noticed much more than I had previously. These are the same parks I brought my children to but I didn't notice the beauty of the trees, flowers, insects, colours or the scents until now.

Everything was so much more vivid now. I could see and hear in much more detail. The accident had awakened me, challenged my thinking and I just had to try to understand this shift in my consciousness.

Since then, I have listened to Ted Talks, podcasts and audiobooks about mindfulness, gratitude, living in the present moment, Neuroscience, consciousness, flow-state of mind and awareness. These are the ongoing themes that run through my practice and I hope to convey these more strongly in future works.

Featured above is a section from a new piece in progress entitled You, The Powerful Creator.

Below are other new works on rotation in the studio.

I've recently finished a commission which is at the framers and almost ready for its new home so I'm now open for new commissions on seascape, abstract and floral art. My style also lends itself beautifully to landscapes so please do get in touch and let me know which memorable story you would like created, in my style, for your home.

With gratitude,