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Birch Trees At Sunrise, Ocean Paintings & Expressionist Paintings.

My works are predominantly made by mark making - a process by which art is created using found items or tools and without the use of a traditional brush or the common action of "painting". Aside from initially outlining the trees, each element of this painting has been created with marks - from swooshes in the dramatic sunrise to each blade of grass and the layered texture on the tree bark - marked onto 650gsm hand-made cotton.

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A Year Of Bold Storytelling...

Everything was so much more vivid now. I could see and hear in much more detail. The accident had awakened me, challenged my thinking and I just had to try to understand this shift in my consciousness. Since then, I have listened to Ted Talks, podcasts and audiobooks about mindfulness, gratitude, living in the present moment, Neuroscience, consciousness, flow-state of mind and awareness. These are the ongoing themes that run through my practice and I hope to convey these more strongly in future works.

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