New Colourful Abstract Paintings

Hi, Fellow artist, art lover or art collector,  

In this article, you'll find all of the paintings in my new colour series. Three months in, I have managed to make five of these abstract paintings ready to show at The Other Art Fair - the best art fair for emerging, independent and established artists. This is the most productive I have been in my art practice and I hope to be able to conceive more this year. I truly feel that this series of works will stay with me for the life of my practice - there is a universe of colours and colour combinations to explore!...and I want to make art that helps us all to feel good.  If you would like to learn more about this series of works, please read my previous blog.

All of these new paintings are framed in my standard sizes of 91cm x 61cm or available as limited edition prints of 25 in A2 size - 59cm x 42cm. You can view all 6 paintings below and click to learn more about each piece. 

Joy Lives Here!

calming abstract art painting original
Renewal & Growth Balanced With Hope

emerging abstract artist uk, usa
A Gentle Encouragement To Play

There Is A Power In Being Courageous

Thoughts For The Conscious Intellect

abstract art with green
With Night Comes Harmony & Balance