New Painting: The Courage Of Our Convictions

Hi, Thank you for reading my art blog. 

I want to share that I've recently completed the latest painting in my Helpless Series of works, titled "The Courage Of Our Convictions."

I started this series at the beginning of 2023 with the first in the series (Helpless To Do Otherwise), exploring surrender, intuition, and staying true to who we are. It's a personal project, so I'm not selling these paintings at present. Instead, I'm hoping they'll be the centerpiece of a solo show sometime in the near future. 

I started working on this back in November, and as you know, diving deep into the world of colours.

Why red? I wanted to start from the beginning. Red is believed to be the first colour humans mastered and reproduced. In colour psychology, red represents passion, courage, and action. 

On a personal note, being of Ghanaian decent, the Kente cloth holds special significance to me. It's a traditional Ghanaian fabric with rich history, originally commissioned for royalty, it is now the main symbol of African culture. Seeing my mum dressed in vibrant Kente cloth for special occasions brings back fond childhood memories. Red is the standout colour in kente fabrics, and I really wanted to capture its boldness and richness in this abstract work. 

I played around with different shades and layering techniques to give it depth. I like to think of the markings in the background as whispers of instruction and encouragement from the ancestors.

Here's to all of us summoning the courage of our convictions and living as authentically as we possibly can. 

I hope you like this piece, I have really enjoyed creating it. 

Artist Open House with Luana Asiata
11th, 12th, 18th & 19th May. 1
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Myself and Luana Asiata would love to welcome you and your guests to our joint open studio event next month in my home garden. As promised in the last newsletter, please find below some more information about her practice:

Originally from New Zealand, the award-winning London-based artist Luana Asiata works primarily in an abstract expressionist style, she employs gestural brushstrokes, utilising oils and acrylics to convey her innermost emotions onto the canvas. Nature serves as a profound wellspring of inspiration for Luana Asiata, infusing her pieces with organic energy and raw beauty. Luana Asiatas background in graphic design and surface pattern design lends a unique perspective to her compositions, evident in her masterful use of colour and form. Through her art, she invites viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and connect with the vibrant world around them.

Instagram: @luanaasiata_art


Finally, my piece Surrender is still available to own. Its 91cm x 61cm and comes in a standard white frame. It can also be custom framed with a float mount. Please click above for more images and to learn more about this piece.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my news, until next time,
With Gratitude,