Please find below some frequently asked questions that will help you with understanding more about the work of Courtenay Kusitor, Abstract Artist.  
  1. Who is Courtenay Kusitor and what kind of art does she create?
    Courtenay Kusitor is a London based Abstract Artist. She creates contemporary and abstract art using various mediums including inks, acrylics, oils, and digital media.

  2. Where can I find examples of Courtenay Kusitor's art?
    Examples of Courtenay Kusitor's art can be found on her website courtenaykusitorart.com as well as on her social media profiles such as Instagram and Facebook. Courtenay’s work can also be found on Artsy, Saatchi Art’s online art gallery, on Artcan.Org and on Cluster Contemporary. She also regularly shows at art fairs including The Other Art Fair. 

  3. Is Courtenay Kusitor's artwork available for sale? Yes, Courtenay Kusitor's artwork is available for sale on this website and those listed above. Prices are listed next to each piece of artwork, and interested buyers can buy now or contact the artist directly through the website.

  4. Does Courtenay Kusitor take commissions or custom orders?
    Yes, Courtenay Kusitor does take commissions and custom orders. Interested buyers can contact the artist directly through the website to discuss their specific requirements.

  5. What materials and techniques does Courtenay Kusitor use to create her artwork?
    Courtenay Kusitor uses distinctive mark making techniques on sustainable hand made paper to create her artwork. She also incorporates various tools such as palette knives, string, scrapers, sticks and paper to create movement, texture and depth in her pieces.

  6. What is the inspiration behind Courtenay Kusitor's artwork?
    Courtenay Kusitor draws inspiration from consciousness - her own awareness and intuition as well as nature, audiobooks, music, and her personal experiences. She aims to capture emotions and feelings through her artwork, and her pieces often incorporate bold colors and expressive marks.

  7. Does Courtenay Kusitor offer any art classes or workshops?
    Not at this time.

  8. How can I contact Courtenay Kusitor if I have questions about her artwork or a potential purchase?
    Interested buyers can contact Courtenay Kusitor directly through the contact form on her website. 

  9. Does Courtenay Kusitor participate in any art exhibitions or shows?
    Yes, Courtenay Kusitor regularly participates in art exhibitions and shows both locally and internationally. Details about upcoming exhibitions can be found on her social media profiles.

  10. What is the shipping and return policy for Courtenay Kusitor's artwork?
    Shipping and return policies for Courtenay Kusitor's artwork vary depending on the buyer's location and the size of the artwork. Buyers are encouraged read the returns policy for specific information regarding shipping and returns.