The Biggest Thank You & Happy Holidays!


Female Abstract Artist UK

As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank you so very much for your support and interest in my art practice. I hope you have started to wind down now and are looking forward to rest and festive joy.

My year started deliberately slowly as I wanted to take some time to create without a show or a deadline in mind. So I start this last newsletter of '23 with the first piece I made - Helpless To Do Otherwise. (above). The special limited edition prints are also really quite special!

"Helpless..." went on to inform other new works including A Single Experience Of Awe which with immense gratitude, now lives with a collector who owns four of my original works.

Limited edition prints

2023 has been a good year for my Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition Prints. My paintings are professionally photographed by my printer who then prints them onto high quality archival textured paper. Shown in the image above are framed limited edition prints of Going Out and Birch Tree Abstracted. I've worked really hard to ensure my prints are of very high standard. Thank you if you have chosen to own one of my prints. You can view the collection of limited edition prints here.

I'll be back in the studio making new marks when I start to get withdrawal symptoms! Until then, I leave you with a section of a new piece I started working on in October. Influenced by my heritage, history and dominant colours of this season, I'm experimenting with the idea of: the past incorporated with the now. I look forward to showing you the final painting...if it turns out to be a painting :).

Thank you once again for your support in 2023, its through your connections and purchases of my work that I have been able to create new work and sustain my practice. Thank you so much!

With Love & Gratitude,

You can visit my blog to catch up on all of my news and updates of 2023.